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Holbeck College is based in Leeds, United Kingdom and our qualifications are acredited by the International Association of Therapists. But what do our students think? Find out below.

"It is truly one of the best structured and most beautifully taught courses here! It's clear and straight to the point, that's why you will really remember what you've been learning during the course! I love it and I highly recommend it!" Joanna Saric
"Very good overview of CBT. Also a good repetition and summary if you have done similar courses before. Thanks Chris for that variety of subjects." Norbert Lender
"The content is amazing and easy to grasp. The lectures are not too long with only essential information allowing you to keep focused." Bronwen Thomas
"Very clear course, structured and easy to follow. Short and concise lessons. Very engaged and knowledgeable teacher. I love it so long!" Begoña Martinez
"I love the way Chris taking me to the journey of understanding deeper and more about Mindfulness. I can grab the concept of Mindfulness easily and clearly." Anastasia Ang
"As a meditation and mindfulness student for 3-4 years and my husband is an e-learning specialist for 15+ years, this course is quite user friendly, it's informative and the material is delivered in a very clear and helpful way. I definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to teach or simply to improve their knowledge about mindfulness." Vivian Liao
"Very down to earth and practical. I feel like I have some confidence now to reach out and try to offer support to people around me who may be struggling with mental health." Emily Greenhalgh
"Incredible, insightful and Chris was an absolute wonder to learn from. I struggle with mental health issues and have always found a barrier between aiding mine, and helping others. Chris’ course has helped me manifest my own feelings through honesty, self-care and gave me an arsenal of skills to help others where appropriate." Connor N. K. Byrne
"This class was very informative. This has given me the knowledge needed to be an active listener and provide resources to others. I loved that career options were explored, and the fact other countries were considered!" Ashley Hostrander
"I really liked that the information was broken down in short sections to make it easier to understand. Chris is not only very knowledgeable on this topic but knows how to explain it in words that anyone would be able to understand and apply. He made the complexity of DBT be clear to me know." Marina Del Valle
"The level of information/education offered in this course, is current, logical, practical, and has elements of tacit learning, and all of it is applicable in a face-to-face therapy session with a client. All the elements of current DBT methodology/theory are covered in this course and for any individual, whether practitioner or not, this course is invaluable." Luis del Valle
"I really liked that the information was broken down in short sections to make it easier to understand. Chris is not only very knowledgeable on this topic but knows how to explain it in words that anyone would be able to understand and apply. He made the complexity of DBT be clear to me know." Marina Del Valle
"Such a brilliant course learnt so much brilliant teacher." Tracy Wood
"Chris covers all the basics of couples counselling in this course, it is thorough and contains a great deal of useful information. Thank you!" Louise Hillier
"I found the course reasonably well-paced. Some of the quiz questions are very sensible and well-thought-out, and it is clear the presenter both knows and enjoys his profession." LDSPhoenix
"This is now my third course with Chris and I already have my fourth lined up. Once again MBCT has been super interesting and I have learnt so much from Chris on this course and I highly recommend to anyone who is interested in applying Mindfulness into their practice." Nichola Davis
"Decent course. Chris is a great tutor, it's like listening to a friend. Thank you!" Caroline M
"Amazing and useful course taught by an awesome instructor. I am learning many tools and knowledge that i can put into practice in my daily life and my professional practice to help people with mental health to overcome their difficulties." Adam Abdellatif Choukoukou
"This particular course is out of my stream of study, I have opted for it because I wanted to learn something new because I have been interested in psychology. This course has been really helpful and we realise that we have been practising some of these but did not know they have names. I suggest you all to take up the course as the concepts are really interesting and helpful." Sai Vaishnavi C
"Really enjoying the course. I like how the course is set up and structured and the features of the online learning." Melanie Hayes
"Very good way to have an understanding of the theory and I am excited to work on applying this in practice. But in saying that I also understand that there is a lot of work needed to be able to use this in my practice confidently and competently. Thanks for making this course, it really worthwhile." Dhenny Dagos
"Very good overview of MCT. Also a good repetition and summary if you have done similar courses before." Norbert Lender
"I know little about MCT so I am finding the course very interesting learning about what it is and how it compares to say CBT or person-centred therapy. Really glad that I am taking this course as am finding it engaging." Nicola James
"This was a great course as an introduction to person-centred therapy. The course leader was very engaging and the content was delivered in such a way that it was interesting and easy to understand." Emma Cooper
"This was a great course. Well presented with lots of useful and practical information. I feel confident applying what I have learnt in helping others. I highly recommend this course." Scott Burtonclay
"It's been a great learning. Have been an academic and educator for over two decades and therefore also acted as a counsellor and mentor. This course has structured my innate thoughts and methods in through a scientific approach." Triveni Goswami Mathur
"Chris is a great tutor with a background as a psychologist and is a warm, clear communicator. He is especially good at summarising and applying all the theoretical bases for coaching. The links with counselling were also very useful." Rachel New
"This course was VERY informative. I am happy to have the knowledge, materials and processes to use for my personal practice in the future." Angelecia R Troope
"Chris can put a knowledge in a proper frame like no one can! He talks about many things I've studied on my University (Andragogy) but in the light of Life coaching and that's exactly what I needed; and he frames it for a practical application - clear and straight on the point! Perfect as it gets! I highly recommend this course!" Joanna Saric
"This course has been very helpful, with a lot of useful information. Doesn't disappoint. Thank you!" Luísa Almeida
"Simple, clear and easy to absorb. Good concept and structure!" Lena Christiansen
"For someone who felt they were too out of shape to do yoga, but loved the idea of it, this course really explores the ins and outs of yoga and gives me the confidence I need for beginning this journey" Kevin Reed
"Chris did a great job summing up CBT. I will be happy to suggest this to my clients. It's a great resource for reviewing the main components." C R
"This was an excellent course. Chris gets to the point and provides all of the salient information you need to know without padding with unnecessary information or narration. He provides a synopsis of CBT, its applicability to specific situations, and how it can be put into practice while counselling others. Chris used realistic and relevant examples throughout and his visual aids are simple and clear. I highly recommend this course if you are a beginner with CBT or if you have some familiarity with it." Karen J
"This is a wonderful course and detail yet precise step by step information. the visuals and point well presented" Anita E
"Good basic course on social psychology. Explained in a simple way, covering major technical terms and biases - both individual and collective as a society." Aromal Satjayababu
"Excellent topics, easy to understand and follow. Very thorough and in depth course materials. " David Morrah
"Even if I read before about most of the topics (as a non psychologist, but interested on how this can be useful for my work with sustainable development projects and the corresponding social and behavior changes needed), I found the course gives a very good summary/introduction, well explained with clear examples... and funny. And I appreciated a lot how climate change, sexism, racism, capitalism and intersectionality were approached." Rita Muckenhirn
"I loved this course. Instructor is awesome, videos are short and easy to follow. Resources are great too!" Ana Grasilovic
"This Course was very insightful and putting me well on my way to become the Counsellor I want to be and know I could be." Brenda Nortje
"It is very easy to follow. Very well presented." Khin Myint
"I'm really enjoying it. The trainer has given full explanations to everything discussed and the example of the dialogue with therapist and school boy gave a step by step demonstration of how to use this method. I am really enjoying the course, I like the variety of questioning involved, always focusing on the client and their answers. I also think the exceptions are an excellent way to support solution Building" Denise McCall-Ryan
"It broaden my understanding of SFBT. It was easy to follow. I feel watching this every couple of months would assist me greatly in my practice. I'm confident I will learn something new every time." Lytara Garcia
"Brilliant course. Really accessible and well taught. It was interesting and Chris's delivery was really engaging. I would definitely recommend this course, even just to learn more about meditation for personal practice. I've already started using some of the techniques myself!" Rachel McDove
"Extremely mind-opening course! I initially thought meditation was one thing and I am so happy to have learnt that there are so many different types of meditations! I loved the scientific approach to the course and I loved the fact that Chris Worfolk has a psychology background! I can already see this course taking me forward in my practice and my future life vision!" Aurore Gebert
"Well prepared and informative course. I am happy with the contents and I already have started to use them during my meditation sessions. Thank you Chris and I will be joining in your other courses as well." Seçkin Akıncı
"Excellent and informative! I really enjoy the way Chris presents his courses. He is knowledgable and friendly, with a very calm and sometimes humorous method. Looking forward to doing more of his courses!" Jack Malan
"Very informative gives a excellent grounding in REBT principles." Jonathan Varty
"I’ve enjoyed the short video clips for each section & short test & answers (2-3 Q&As) for knowledge check with no pressure. Excellent option of leaving & returning to the course sections at own pace, with motivating reminders to complete the course training successfully. Thank you so much!" Veronica Lee
"Excellent course! Lots of really useful and practical information." Jacqueline Nowak
"I like that the videos are short and concise and I also like that I have a study guide to follow along with and a few worksheets." Ellianna Vega
"Great course! a great foundation in ethics. all of Chris's courses are fantastic! highly recommend this" Caitlin McColl
"Very clear and concise explanation. Made sense." Dominic Martin
"Great explanations, clear, with examples and a very positive attitude!" Nadia Comanici
"Am so thrilled with the content, explanations, resources and easy-to-digest lectures. Thanks Chris! Loving every minute of Gestalt Therapy." Lisa Taylor
"Love it's broken up into smaller sections, as i can finish watching a part and then take notes or stop and think. Great value, loved it." Jeff Bentley
"I found this mindfulness course quite amazing. After many years of not sleeping well, I am actually sleeping for a change. Thanks, Chris for this short therapeutic insight course into mindfulness." LDSPhoenix
"Enlightening on the simple reasons of what actually causes anxiety and how to alleviate it on a daily basis." Mary Amell
"This course has a very detailed explanation of complete cognitive psychology." Sandeep Kumar Jha
"I absolutely loved the course. At first I thought it would be like the other psychology courses I had taken online but it really blew me away with the topics. An added bonus was the really nice instructor, I loved the smile he gave at the end of each lesson" Gbonjubola Ogungbangbe
"Great course! Great examples. This is an excellent overview of cognitive psychology." Alejandro Vazquez
"I was a bit daunted by this initially, but yet again Chris's simple explanations are making it easy to understand." George Chaplin
"The courses are easy to follow and full of examples and scenarios which is very valuable. The technical terms are also defined and reformulated systematically which facilitates their understanding, all the more so when they are associated with practical cases." Laurène Kosno
"It was an incredible match! I am so interested in psychology and I want to know why some people are successful in life and what they do differently than people who are not successful." Isabelle Distler
"This is a great course so far! Getting to know more about the speaker Chris makes this more engaging!" Susan Cubberley
"I find the information to be on point, and the exercises simple, but effective." Gericke Potgieter

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